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Many jobs involve serving alcohol at some point to customers or clients, such as if you are a waitress or server. Some specific careers, such as bartending, have serving alcohol as their central focus.

Whatever your employment or job, if you are ever going to be serving alcohol to people, you need to be aware of your own responsibilities in keeping tabs on clients’ inebriation, and when to stop serving. You’ll also need to be aware of your responsibilities when it comes to not serving underage customers, checking IDs, and so on. With proper alcohol training, you can protect yourself, your guests, and your employer, too, from possible liability should detrimental alcohol related situations arise.

What do alcohol awareness training programs teach?

Because alcohol has psychological effects, it can negatively impact the reasoning ability of clients who may be getting inebriated. You’ll learn how to assess how intoxicated guests are, and will learn how to properly intervene with guests so that potentially dangerous situations don’t escalate and everyone is protected; this can also protect clients’ dignity, since you can also thwart some potentially embarrassing (if not dangerous) situations as well.

Advantages of alcohol awareness training

Besides the obvious benefits of knowing how to spot inebriation in clients, it also can positively impact jobs and careers that deal with alcohol serving because it helps establishments get lower insurance rates and helps them defend themselves if legal action is taken against a particular employer or server. If your job is as a server, you should know that you, too, can be held liable if inebriated or underage guests harm themselves or others. Therefore, by taking alcohol awareness training and taking it seriously, you protect yourself not just professionally, but personally as well.

Alcohol awareness training gives you the ability to handle intoxicated guests because you’ll know what to do. It also helps if you’re looking for a job because if you have alcohol awareness training certification, this will give you a leg up over someone who does not. Simply, you’ll be more marketable, and prospective employers won’t have to invest in providing this training to you themselves.

It may also be true for some career moves that establishments will require you to participate in the establishment’s specific training program even if you already have certification. However, it will still be impressive to a potential employer that you have certification and have taken the initiative yourself. Specific laws differ depending on where you live when it comes to serving alcohol, so check with state and local ordinances to find out the training you will need for this type of career and what type of certification you may need to get. The American Bartending Association will have a list of bartending schools that offer these programs, and independent training programs such as TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) will also provide this type of certification; get certification before you even embark on this type of job, and you’ll find out that you are incredibly marketable to prospective employers.

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