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One of the common question that students seeking a career in law ask is how important is it to earn an LL.M degree in a Special Field (like Trade Law or International Business or Intellectual Property) in proving the credibility of an entry level lawyer?

Well taking on the question, the Job Search Guru A. Harrison Barnes says, an LL.M Degree in any particular field of specialization is unquestionably a precious and prestigious degree in itself. But the issues in question here is getting this degree actually and effectively increase the positive chances for the students to secure a better job position and better industry openings.

As Mr. A. Harrison Barnes rightly says, an LL.M Degree is not meant to be obtained by just about anyone. But then, this is a degree that proves to be really advantageous to a few of the attorneys in the field benefiting their Legal jobs and legal career. For foreign lawyers who have studied abroad obtaining their degrees, an LL.M degree may be the only way in which they can get legally licensed and certified to practice law in certain states in United States of America.

In the recent years a considerable rise has been noticed in the number of such foreign attorneys who have come to the United States of America in search of favorable opportunities. Their expectations skyrocket when they receive the LL.M degree and are able to pass the bar in any of the 50 states. But in the present scenario, many of these attorneys have not been able to secure any commendable opportunities or law careers in the job market.

On the other hand, what A. Harrison Barnes wants you to focus on is that once these attorneys return to their native countries with a US LL.M Degree in their hands, they are to be regarded as highly skilled professionals and are looked upon as valuable assets. In fact there is a big chance that they will be hired by some US firm that conducts business ventures with their office in their native country.

Now coming back to the point of the LL.M Degree in the US, A. Harrison Barnes would say that there is a fifty-fifty chance that the presence of this degree within the profile of an attorney seeking legal jobs will prove to be an added factor. For example, a skilled and practiced white-collared civil criminal trial lawyer devoid of any procedural undergraduate degree may not gain any advantage from acquiring an LLM in the specialty area of Intellectual Property. Undergraduate specialization bears a heavy weight when compared to a LL.M Degree. There has to be a certain degree of similarity in the specialization. For example, the tech sector has undergone a severe blow recently suffering a serious collapse. Hence attorneys specializing in the niche sector of IT may find it rather hard to secure opportunities in spite of very impressive credentials and expertise to back.

Talking of the freshmen law school graduates, A. Harrison Barnes says that these are the people without any practical experience at all. For such people with no matter-of-fact hands-on experience in any of the areas of Law Specialization, an LL.M Degree may not be that much of an appropriate choice at the initial stage of their law careers.

For all those of you who are considering going for a LL.M Degree, A. Harrison Barnes wants you to understand that all the LL.M degrees don’t have an equal significance. In fact one of the most respected LL.M degrees that can be received is in the area of tax law. This is a extremely significant option as most of the leading firms have made it a precondition, that all the attorneys in the firm need to have an LL.M Degree in Tax law. This is applicable for all the attorneys in spite of the fact of whether their area of expertise is Partnership Tax or Corporate Law or ERISA or International Tax or employee benefits. This is primarily because an attorney with an LL.M Degree in Tax laws is capable of handling numerous transactional businesses in addition to their tax counseling and advisory work.

As a result, a lot of the graduating law students, in this market of recession and more so if they are not graduating from any of the reputed law schools, may perhaps find it of use to directly start with an additional year of study so that they can have the supplementary cache and the additional esteem that an LL.M in tax holds. For experienced attorneys seeking to boost their careers or change their practice areas, an LLM may prove useful, provided the practice area is in demand and the school they choose has a proven track record.

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