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The approach you have towards your work is the key factor that ensures success in your career and life. If your approach is correct, then no one can stop you from moving ahead and making your dreams come true. You will face many ups and downs in your career and your life, but it is in your hands to decide how to handle these situations. The decision is yours to make.

A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of, says that the approach is one thing that enables you to handle every situation in your life and career. It will not only help you in different situations but will also help you reach the peaks of success. A negative approach will not let you view the situation in a positive frame of mind and deal with them in the best way. You will lose the battle the moment you start believing that you will not be able to deal with the situation. Thus having a positive approach, rather the right approach, is very necessary for every human being in this world. But what is this right approach?

A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should be like a child at your work. Having an attitude like a child will help you handle things with a positive attitude and find solutions to every problem that you face leading you to win every battle that comes in your life.

What is it in a childlike approach that should be emulated?

Barnes says that a child does not give up on finding difficulties in what he or she is doing; rather it tries to find alternative ways to complete the work. The child does not abandon the task thinking that he/she will not be able to do it. He looks at the brighter side of the thing. If he has decided to complete the work, he will do it no matter what. He will not give up and he will do it all with a smile.

It is in the nature of the child to try to do things repeatedly without giving up even in the face of difficulties. This is the kind of nature you need to have in your work, says A. Harrison Barnes. You must have a positive attitude and the diligence of a child. You may fall a hundred times in your effort but as a child you have to get up again and again. You have to rise with every fall.

The child rises after every fall because he/she believes in appositive outcome; that things will work out as desired. With every rise, the child moves in a forward direction gaining confidence as well as the approach to be successful in their work believes A. Harrison Barnes. The child finds solutions to problems all by himself because he/she trusts himself. He believes that he can perform and thus he even does it. This is why you need to be like a child; you have to think like a child. If you are successful in doing so, you are helping yourself in all possible ways and assuring success.

In times when a child is unable to perform, he does not hesitate to ask for help from others. The main concern remains to finish the work in some way or the other. This helps the child reach the goal successfully, feels A. Harrison Barnes. This is why it is suggested that even you should not be afraid or hesitant in asking for help. A help from someone will help you perform in a much effective way. You may even be better with your work with someone else’s help than working alone.

This way you will learn more as you move ahead; you will gain experience and will be in a position to help others with their difficulties. You will be successful in your career only with a positive, childlike approach.

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