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We all love those college courses that makes us wonder, “Huh? Really? They’re offering that?” One favorite was the Judge Judy course that had been offered to law students in California recently. A new list has emerged, fresh for 2010-2011 and there are some goodies in this list, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and president of Keep reading and see which ones cause you to do a double take:

  • Wine Tasting – Now that’s a class that we’re sure fills quickly- no pun intended. What’s next?  Bar Pick Up Lines 101?  For now, those who attend West Virginia University’s “Vines to Wines” course will be introduced to the flavors and scents of fine wine. We thought for sure this would be offered in a college on the west coast; instead, our right coast friends are enjoying this little gem. Are there even any vineyards on the east coast?
  • Comics – Oregon State University is using comics to educate its students on entomology. It’s incorporating, among others, The Far Side. Yes, really.
  • We all need our zombies fix, right?  Well, if you’re attending the University of Baltimore, you can enroll in Zombies and expect to view at least sixteen flicks that include zombies.
  • Animal lovers rejoice!  If you’ve ever suspected animals – all animals – have souls, then this might be the course for you and it’s being offered at Bowdoin College.
  • Love NASCAR?  Then you might want to consider North Carolina’s Elon University. Here, you’ll learn all about the business of NASCAR – why it’s profitable and even the psychological make up of those fearless drivers millions watch religiously.
  • Of course, no crazy college courses list is complete without the obligatory pornography courses. Choose from Cyberporn and Society at State University of New York, Cinema and the Sex Act at Berkley or even Anthropology of the Unconscious – fair warning – this one requires you to appreciate anime.
  • Our favorite this year has got to be…Underwater Basket Weaving!  That’s right. The University of California at San Diego offers this class. We’re not quite sure why or who would be interested – or even why anyone would be interested at all, but it is what it is.

As A. Harrison Barnes points out, a healthy dose of fun is not necessarily a bad thing for college students, but for those who are serious about their educations, they’ll forego these interesting courses and will apt instead for those that will get them to the end of their college careers faster so that they can begin their adult lives. “College tuitions continue to rise and while everyone loves an easy class each semester, at least try to choose one that will provide a good conversation topic over dinner” says the founder. Remember too that these years will fly by; no one is suggesting you not come up for air, a good balance will ensure a healthy approach to your education.

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