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This article wishes to enlighten you about some of the job options that are available to you as a paralegal, below in this article are provided the descriptions of the jobs, the compensation of various companies and other details. Take a look at this information and choose the job that best suits you.

In-house corporate paralegal

For the large downtown investment bank, they are looking for a paralegal. The candidate must possess general corporate transactional as well as housekeeping experience for sometime. The candidate must have an experience of 1 to 3 years working as a corporate paralegal in any of the reputed and well known law firms present in New York City.

An exposure in any other prestigious and famous corporate environment can also be considered for the post. He or she must have completed their graduation with a fairly good GPA from a prestigious institute of the country. Salary offered for this post is $45,000 to $60,000. So if you think this is just the job you were looking for then send in your resume quickly to them at their email id.

Nadine Bocelli and company- New York legal staffing Inc.

Based in New York City and it hires directly from temporary employees to permanent. The job id provided by them is multiple. They also happen to be a member of BBB (better business bureau). The job category is definitely legal. An experience of at least 2 to 5 years are required or rather demanded by the firm. A bachelor’s degree of 4 years is desired in this field.

Immigration paralegals: US tech solutions Inc.

In the city of New Jersey this job is being offered. The category of the job is legal again. They want to hire a full time employee and the compensation offered by them is $ 40,000. The experience of the aspiring candidate should not be less than 2 years and it is best if a candidate with 5 years experience is found. The education level demanded by the company is associates.

The job id has been specified as IPL. The candidate must have experience in immigration compliance. He or she should have excellent verbal skills. Green card filing experience based on employment is also something of which they should have a good idea. He or she should be capable of maintaining the employment reports and many other important compliance reports.

Mutual fund paralegal: merit personnel

This is a New York based company and they intend to hire a permanent employee as a paralegal who can assist in legal works. The salary offered by them is $65,000 to $85,000. If you have an experience of working as a paralegal for at least 5 years then you can think of applying for this job.

A bachelor’s degree is desired in this case. Good organizational skills are a must in this field. Mutual fund paralegal experience is the relevant experience that they require.

So here are some job options for you. If you have completed your bachelors and have managed a good amount of exposure in the above mentioned fields then you can try sending your resume to these companies.

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