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Trends in home design keep on changing with time and taste of people, architecture jobs in Glasgow flourish on this strategy. The surrounding atmosphere of a particular region also plays an important part in deciding the design of a household. The latest trend is of earth friendly or eco friendly home designs. Healthy and storm resistant home designs are also in demand in areas which are prone to heavy storms and tornadoes, rains and thunders. Some regions have active epicentres of earthquakes, and they require quake resistant designs for their buildings. Entry level architecture jobs can assist in the initial designing of these plans.

Tomorrow’s home designs
The new designs are very different from what we may remember from our childhood. New technology and material change the way we build our homes. Floor plans also change to gel in with the changing patterns of the modern era. There are many new techniques used for the future homes. Architecture jobs in Glasgow are also influenced by techniques like prefabricated homes which are made in factories. These homes come in all shapes and sizes. At times the desire of protecting the environment and preserving historic architecture inspires architects to repurpose, re-use, old structures. The use of laminates, plastics, or fume-producing glues is considered outdated these days. Another trend seen in architecture jobs in Glasgow is flexibility in floor plans like pocket and sliding doors, movable partitions etc. Large multi-purpose family areas are replacing dedicated kitchens or dinning rooms.

Universal homes
The modern architectural designs are more accessible to all family members even if they have physical limitations. These patterns make the homes easy to move around and are comfortable for people of all ages. Outdoor rooms are also creating an interest among eco-friendly customers. These spaces are considered as part of the design and a yard or a garden becomes part of the floor plan. Increases utility demands space for storage. It has therefore become a must to provide abundant storage in home designs.

Walk-in closets, dressing rooms, built-in cabinets, bigger garages are all part of these designing trends. Eastern ideas like Vástu Shástra, Feng Shui are also kept in mind these days while designing a new house. The shape as well as direction of rooms, doors, and windows matter a lot in these types of designs.

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