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Setting up a new business is a tuff job especially when there are budget issues and this situation is worse in regional jobs. There are tasks which have to be executed in small towns and with shoestring budget. Only a couple of strategies wont get you new business. In the modern competitive market there are more than one ways to get new businesses. Ask them for help in finding required types of clients.

Networking and referrals – Best tools

For majority of regional jobs especially regional transit jobs networking are very common tool used by business owners to attract new business. When attending a networking function don’t just bounce from here and there handing out business cards. But try cultivating relationships by giving referrals. This way you can generate new business leads. Ensuring a proactive approach is a must. Do not be hesitant to ask for positive referral. Tell all about your permanent clients to get new clients. Send out yearly greeting cards asking for referrals. This will cost peanuts and yet get new connections.

Some underestimated methods

Writing is an under-utilized strategy but is a very good way to get recognized as an industry expert. Send out articles to your concerned trade magazines and to websites which are looking for material for their subscribers. This way with limited resources you can reach out to majority of public. Help your customers and prospects to solve problems with the help of newsletters. It is cheaper to send it electronically but you can issue it in paper format also so that the neighbourhood knows about your services. Cold calling is another challenging way to market business. It is not enjoyable but is a good way to know qualified prospects. There will be many options in regional job search for such marketing activities. Advertising of any kind is a sure shot for attracting new business. Give out free information to clients which is useful to them. Offer limited details which will assist the target market. For a local or wider market these are valuable strategies. Offering a guarantee of your product or service will make clients trust you and come back to you. Regional jobs with lesser pay scale can also help in attracting new clients with the limited budget sources.

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