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It’s officially year-end review time. With the usual 2012 retrospectives and 2013 prediction posts starting to emerge from our editorial team, GigaOM Pro’s team of analysts are doing a deeper dive: this week, we’re highlighting in-depth research that looks at some of the year’s biggest disruptors and what 2013 might bring.

Note: GigaOM Pro is a subscription-based research service offering in-depth, timely analysis of developing trends and technologies. Visit to learn more about it.

Cleantech: Why SolarCity pricing low is a godsend for all of cleantech
Adam Lesser

Christmas came early for the cleantech sector. After a bruising year full of cancelled IPOs, folding companies, and falling profits, SolarCity’s IPO – which itself looked in jeopardy earlier this week – represents a glimmer of hope for the solar panel installer and for investors across the cleantech industry. Pro analyst Adam Lesser distills advice from highly regarded investor Seth Klarman, taking a quantified approach to analyzing the company’s opportunities to increase its valuation over the next 12 months. Are there lessons from the SolarCity IPO that can be applied to the IPO madness that seems to have enveloped Facebook, Groupon, and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley?

Cloud: Sector RoadMap: health care and big data in 2012
Jody Ranck

In the latest installment of our signature research series, Pro analyst Jody Ranck looks at emerging opportunities for big data in the healthcare sector. As the health care industry struggles to reign in costs and integrate digital health data, it also faces challenges around patient privacy and noninteroperability of electronic medical records. Analyst Jody Ranck provides an overview of current challenges facing the sector, identifies the major companies that are currently influential in the a market and then uses GigaOM Pro’s own disruption vector methodology to identify five disruption vectors that are likely to shape the big data health care landscape in the near-term future.

Mobile: Podcast: Mobile winners and losers in 2012 and what to expect in 2013
Colin Gibbs, Adam Lesser, Michael Wolf

This week, GigaOM Pro rolled out the first episode of its four-part Procast series: analysts Adam Lesser, Colin Gibbs, and Mike Wolf got together to discuss the big hits and misses in mobile during 2012: familiar territory for Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and more. They also share their predictions for 2013 and ask some big-picture question: how can Facebook monetize Instagram, what’s the fate of T-Mobile, and what does the BYOD movement mean for mobile in the enterprise?


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